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    Bob Marshall Medallion

Gerri Rini
614 837-7299

Authorized Dealer for
Sports Saddle, Inc.

Email to:

Response in
24 Hours, or Call.

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M-F 9AM to 6PM
Sat 9AM till Noon
Closed Sunday

Determine -
Your Seat Size

Prices here are the same as the Bob Marshall Saddlery in Kentucky.
I am a long time dealer/consultant for Bob Marshall since 1998.
Contact me and enjoy personalized assistance for
creating your next beautiful Bob Marshall saddle.

Standard Features on all Barrel saddles:

5" cantle, barrel pommel, toast or chocolate suede seats,
medium oiled stain, hoof pick pocketnow set of bck of cantle not on the rear skirt as seen in some pictures, one set of front D-rings,
plain chap flaps, rear cinch D-rings

Choice of 3" or 3 1/2" horn, 2" or 3" leather stirrups
Standard seat sizes 14" to 16", comes in half sizes.

Note: Black seats are shown on some saddles below.
Black seats are custom orders, $100.00 custom fee applies.
Sizes under 14" and over 16" are custom.

Square Corner Cut Barrel Racer - all floral or all oak leaf, floral border with basketweave or diamond center $2340.00

barbwire barrel racer
Click the pic for a larger view

Standard features are chocolate and toast seats, medium oil stain a leather or braided horn, tooled chap flap,parchute or antique conchos

The saddle in the picture is a custom order with the walnut dye so you would add the 100.00 custom fee plus 60.00 dye charge

fenders extra to match tooling, see price list

Concho choices see Luansleathers.com and click on choices.

Buck stitching in brown, black, white or silver. Other colors may be available.

Fully Tooled Square Corner Cut Barrel Racer $2120.00, diamond, basketweave or diamond border with basketweve center

No pic at this time.

Parchute and antique conchos are standard

2010.00 Border tooled Basketweave, diamond, barbwire.

1595.00 Smoothout (no tooling)

100.00 - Tooled fenders, chaps 30.00
90.00 - Border tooled fenders, chaps 25.00
80.00 - Plain fenders.


Border Tooled Barrel Racer $1450.00, with a silver laced cantle $1500.00

barbwire barrel racer
Click the pic for a larger view

Round or Square skirt available

Basketweave/barbwire edge tooling - as shown

Barbwire tooling
Basketweave tooling
Diamond tooling

floral tooling - $1550

floral tooling with silver laced cantl - $1565

Rawhide braided silver capped horn $30.00 extra

Tooled Fenders 100.00, tooled chap flaps $30.00

Hand-Tooled Square Skirt Barrel Racer $1650.00

Click the pic for a larger view

Basketweave tooling (shown)
Diamond tooling
Basketweave with diamond border tooling

includes silver laced cantle, three sets of silver conchos,Hoof pick pocket now on back of cantle, but can be on he side if requested, silver corner plates

Choice of leather or rawhide braided silver capped horn

Tooled fenders with tooled chap flaps $130.00

tooled chaps 30.00

Plain untooled fenders $80.00 extra


Fancy Round Skirt Barrel Racer

round skirt barrel saddle
Click the pic for a larger view

1770.00 all floral, as shown

1865.00 full oak leaf or floral border with basketweave center

1615.00 full basketweave or diamond, combination basketweave center with diamond border

Silver laced cantle
Hoof pick pocket
Front silver swell plates, rear plates on back of cantle
Three sets silver conchos

Choice of leather or rawhide braided silver capped horn

Plain untooled Fenders $80.00 extra

130.00 Tooled fenders with tooled knee flaps for Diamond, Basketweave tooling

130.00 Floral fenders and chap flaps 35.00

145.00 Oakleaf fenders and 40.00 chap flaps

Floral Hand-Tooled Barrel Racer, square skirt $1770.00
as shown with tooled fenders/flaps

Floral fenders/floral knee flaps $165.00

1865.00 Floral wth Basketweave center or all oak leaf

130.00 floral fenders, 35.00 chap flaps

145.00 oak leaf fenders, 40.00 chaps

same price as above for floral with basketweave center fenders/chaps

Choice of leather or rawhide braided silver capped horn
Three sets silver conchos


Arena Champion Barrel Racer - Square Skirt Only

Click the pic for a larger view

$1670. all tooled basketweave, diamond basketweave with diamond border

$1,555.00 border tooled Basketweave, diamond, and barbwire and basketweave with barbwire edge.

$1415.00 Smoothout (untooled)

$1865.00 Floral tooling
$1985.00 Floral border with Basketweave center or Oakleaf

includes silver laced cantle, hoof pick pocket on back of cantle

Marshal star conchos (other conchos available such as plain antique, cross or berry star) see price list or call for price

Squiggle cut-out floral barrel racer $2655.00 as shown
Custom order

Tammy Key barrel saddle
Click the pic for a larger view

Choice of many suede colors for skirt & choice of many colors for ostrich skin cut outs.

Fully tooled with silverlace on cheyenne roll.

Fully tooled skirt panels w/ cutouts

Exclusive floral tooling
Choice of light, medium or dark oil finish

3 1/2" Rawhide braided silver capped horn

Square skirt only

Berry Star conchos w/rhinestone rosette

Crystals optional all over saddle to match color of suede or ostrich leather cutio

All Suede Basic Barrel Racer $1200.00

Click the pic for a larger view

Leather horn

Rawhide braided silver capped horn $30.00 extra

Front silver conchos/leather carriers

Fenders $80.00 extra

The hoof pick pockets an all barrel racers are set on the back of the cantle,not on the side.

Helpful Tips:
- The three inch (#18) horn allows the rider to get two fingers around the neck.
- The 3 1/2 (#19) horn allows for three fingers around the neck, and has a 15 degree forward tilt.
- The majority of barrel racers choose the taller horn.