There is a $100.00 custom fee for things such as a taller pommel or cantle, buck stitching or studs and any other changes that are not standard on the saddles.

Helpful tip: To clear up any confusion, there is only one $100 custom fee no matter how many custom items are ordered and the items such as buck stitching are extra in addition to the custom fee.

Another tip: If you are already going custom be sure to ask for the large cinch D rings that hold the nylon tie straps, for no extra charge.

Customing your saddle: Whatever is on one of the other models can usually be built on to any other model. Additional charges may apply, for example, adding silver plates.

The most popular custom changes to saddles are: Trail saddle seat sizes are custom under 14″ or over 17″ Barrel and Endurance saddles are custom under 14″ or over 16″ Youth cut models make the saddle shorter from side to side which is great for riders with really short inseams.

Black suede seats- this is a very popular choice.

The mini-slide bar rigging which is standard on the Wrangler saddles can be added to any saddle for 25.00. This is great for short legged riders who want more swing in their stirrups but is also a great choice for any trail rider! Go to the Wrangler page to see it.

Double rigging or Alison Ray are available for 35.00.

Extra silver such as silver lacing 95$.

Silver or copper spots 125.00 or buck stitching 125.00, see our Facebook page for good examples of both.

Dying a saddle all black, chocolate, walnut or antique brown or black. $60.

Leather seats on the saddles $85. The Wrangler saddle can come with the leather seat at no extra charge.

Ordering a different pommel or cantle on a saddle is no extra charge beyond the custom fee. For example a trail saddle, normally with a 4″ cantle, can be ordered with the 5″ cantle or even the 3″ one.

An endurance saddle with a 3″ cantle can be ordered with a 4 or 5 inch one. 

Cheyenne rolls, 55.00, can be added to the basic endurance saddles since they normally do not have one. See picture 27 on the photo endurance gallery.

Also note the pretty contrast trim around the base of the pommel and cantle for 28.00.

Colored seats such as red, blue or purple suede are extra depends on selections. See the trail and custom photo gallery for some great ideas.

Faux leather such as elephant or crocodile are available.

Rear saddle bag D’s added to the barrel saddle $10.00 per pair.

Options that are not custom: fenders, breast collars, rear cinches, stirrups, latigo strings, and in most cases, different conchos.

Helpful tips: Custom orders are non-refundable. So if you have not had the chance to try a SS on your horse and you are wanting a custom saddle than it is to your advantage to get a demo saddle. Any saddle on the in stock list has a ten day trail and a full refund minus shipping. This is a great way to demo a saddle.