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SADDLES IN STOCK - 4/28/2016 Update

COMPLETED Saddles in Stock - *All priced as non-custom saddles. Ready for Immediate Shipment. Completes can be shipped the day or the following day you place your order. Contact us for an updated list. We'd be happy to email one.

9267 16” Border Tooled Barrel Racer, Toast Suede, Basketweave border w/b-wire edge, Medium oil, #19 Leather horn, 2 sets rear D’s, Large cinch D rings, Peaked pommel, 10” tooled fenders & chaps, Silverlaced cantle, Square skirt 1565.00

9373 13” Basic Barrel Racer, Toast

9511 16 ½” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Black Endurance, Basketweave w/b-wire edge, Square skirt, #46 Leather horn, Medium oil, Tooled chaps 1710.00

9276 15 ½” Squared Barrel Racer, Chocolate Suede, Floral #2, Dark walnut, Brown buck stitching, #19 Leather horn, Large cinch D rings, Allison Ray Rigging, 12” tooled fenders & chaps 2585.00
9137 16" Basic Trail Rider toast. Ready for immediate shipping. $1145.
SALE PENDING - 14.5" Deluxe Endurance. No horn, large rear cinch d's, large cinch d ring, Hoof pick pocket on back of cantle. Ready for immediate shipping. $1390.
9316 New 15.5" Waylon Barrel Racer, chocolate suede seat, large cinch D's, basketweave border tooled with silver spots, 3.5" braided horn, Allison Ray Rigging, barrel conchos, 10" tooled fenders/flaps, medium oiled. $2,025 - Ready for immediate shipping.

INCOMPLETE Saddles in Stock - Generally pictures of Incompletes are not available because these saddles are partially built awaiting a customer purchase. When the description says, for example, "14-14 1/2" it means you can choose to have it made in either size. Seats 17" and over are custom sizes costing $100.00. All the items listed are original Bob Marshall Sports Saddle®. If no photos of these saddles appear with the item, your can reference the Photo Gallery on www.SportSaddle.com for similar models.


9436 14” Hand Carved Floral Barrel Racer, Chocolate Suede, No cornerplates, No silverlace, Floral #2, White Backstitching, Antique Brown, #30 Braided horn/Trail front, Tilted pommel, Large cinch D rings, Background painted pink, Tooled chaps, 10” tooled fenders & chaps 2410.00 IN PROCESS OF BEING BUILT AS 14”
9437 Hand Carved Floral Barrel Racer, Background painted black, Square skirt, No cornerplates, No silverlace, 10” tooled fenders & chaps, Large cinch d rings, Choice of color oil or dye, seat size, seat color, riggings
9438 Hand Carved Floral Barrel Racer, Background painted Turquoise Blue , Square skirt, No cornerplates, No silverlace, 10” tooled fenders & chaps, Large cinch d rings Choice of color oil or dye, seat size, seat color, riggings

9380 Arena Champion Barrel Racer, Any size Any color, Floral #2, Tooled chaps, 10” tooled fenders & chaps, Large cinch D rings, Square skirt 2030.00 price includes fenders

9382 Fancy Round Skirt Barrel Racer, Any size Any color, Floral #2 w/diamond tool, Large cinch D rings, 10” tooled fenders & chaps 2050.00 price includes tooled fenders and flaps

9392 Hand Tooled Trail Rider, Any Size, Any color seat, Floral #2, Large cinch d Rings, 12” tooled fenders & chaps, Squared Back panel only 1703.00, add 165.00 for tooled floral fenders and chaps

9393 Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Any Size Any color, Basketweave, 12” tooled fenders & chaps, Large cinch D rings, Square skirt 1810.00

9474 Fancy Round skirt Barrel Racer, Any Size Any color, Floral w/basketweave, 10” tooled fenders & chaps

The following incompete saddles seats can be made larger or smaller than stated and will take about two or three weeks to complete.

9273 14-14 ½” Fancy Round Skirt Barrel Racer, Black Suede, Diamond Tool, #18 Braided horn, Large cinch D rings, No silverlace 1645.00

9350 15-15 ½” Border Tooled Trail Rider, Black Endurance, Basketweave border, #18 Leather horn, Antique Brown, Square skirt, Tooled chaps, Large cinch D rings 1670.00

9425 15-16 ½” Border Tooled Trail Rider, Chocolate Suede, #19 Leather horn, Floral #2, Large cinch d rings, Round skirt, Medium oil, Peaked pommel 1550.00

9466 14-14 ½” Arena Champion Barrel Racer, Black Suede, Antique Black, #19 Leather horn, Square skirt, Large cinch d Rings, Double Rigging, Tooled chaps, Basketweave border 1620.00

9467 14-14 ½” Racer, Black Suede, Diamond Tool, Tooled chaps, #19 Braided horn, Square skirt, Antique Brown, Copper spots, Large cinch D rings 2065.00

9469 14-14 ½” Border Tooled Barrel Racer, Turquoise Suede, Basketweave, Antique Brown, Square skirt, Turquoise Backstitch, Squared back panels only, Large cinch D Rings 1735.00

9489 14-14 ½” Arena Champion Barrel Racer, Chocolate Suede, Light oil, Square skirt, Tooled chaps, Large cinch d rings, #19 Braided horn, Basketweave 1700.00

Some of the Incomplete In-stocks can be finished in any size, any color seat or leather finish and any horn type or size. This will be stated with each ad if that is the case. Standard finish options are toast or chocolate seats, and medium oil finish. Add 100.00 to the price as a custom fee if you want a black seat or other leather finish options such light or dark oil stain. Walnut or antique brown dye is an additional 60.00. There is only one 100.00 custom fee. In some cases the saddles can be customized with other options such as silver spots or buck stitching which are 100.00 extra or Allison Ray rigging (no extra charge). Go to my home page and click on the facebook icon to see the current colors or visit my photo gallery. Lots of great ideas there. Note on fenders: prices do not include tooled flaps and fenders. The end of this page includes fender/flap prices. You can get other size fenders than what is listed or not have them at all. Call for more details.

Allison Ray Riggings means that the stirrups are set about one inch more forward than the standard placement of the barrel racer saddles.

Youth Cut means that the saddle skirting is shorter from side to side. Normally the regualr cut SS is about 26" across the seat from the skirting's edge to the skirting's edge on the other side to just where the knee flap ties in. The Youth Cut is about 21" across. This keeps the saddle sized proportionately for people 5'3" or under. It does not affect the length of the saddle from front to back.

SADDLES BY PRIVATE OWNERS - (click the pic to see a larger view)

FOR SALE - 4/1/16 - 14.5” Squared Barrel Racer for Sale
Ridden in less than a dozen times. Chocolate Suede, Floral Border w/ Basketweave with Walnut leather.
Large cinch D rings for more mobility of legs when running. 12” tooled fenders and Parachute Conchos.
$2300 + S&H. email Roni: modeltph@gmail.com.

FOR SALE - 3/29/16 - Beautiful 14.5" brown endurance leather with contrasting trim and Cheyenne roll.  In great condition, kept indoors.  Not creased, no cuts or scrapes in the leather.  Comes with trail stirrups.  Extremely comfortable and lightweight.  $750.00 - buyer pays shipping. Call Sue Stacknick, 570-499-6222

Relaxed fit resulting in a more comfortable ride!