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SADDLES IN STOCK - 8/19/2015 Update

COMPLETED Saddles in Stock - Ready for Immediate Shipment. Completes can be shipped the day or the following day you place your order. Contact us for an updated list. We'd be happy to email one.

7766 16” Wrangler/Basic, Chocolate Suede, Medium oil, Square skirt, #46 Braided horn 1165.00

7957 16 ½” Hand Tooled Trail Rider, Chocolate Suede, Medium oil, Square skirt, #18 Leather horn. Diamond w/basketweave 1425.00

8611 18” Smooth Russet Leather Trail Rider, Chocolate Suede, Round skirt, #46 Leather horn, Medium oil 1185.00

8907 14 ½” Wrangler/Basic, Round skirt, #46 Leather horn 1140.00

8912 16” Wrangler/Hand Tooled, Chocolate Suede, Basketweave, Square skirt, Medium oil, #46 Leather horn 1545.00

********** Any Size, Fancy Round Skirt Barrel Racer, Any color seat, Oakleaf tooling, #19 Braided horn, Plain chaps, Tooled chaps available - will increase wait time. **********

INCOMPLETE Saddles in Stock - Pictures of Incompletes are not available because these saddles are partially built awaiting a customer purchase. When the description says, for example, "14-14 1/2" it means you can choose to have it made in either size. Seats 17" and over are custom sizes costing $100.00.

All incomplete saddles can take about 2 to 3 weeks to finish.

Most of the Incompletes can be made smaller or larger to a certain degree.

8878 Any Size, Deluxe Endurance, Black Endurance, Square skirt, #46 Leather horn, Medium oil

9076 13-13 ½” Basic Barrel Racer. Chocolate Suede, Medium oil, #19 Leather horn, Large cinch d Rings, Round skirt 1040.00

8909 14-14 ½” Racer, Croc seat, Medium oil, Copper spots, #19 Braided horn, Square skirt, Diamond border w/basketweave, #19 Braided horn, Square skirt, Large cinch d rings 2043.50

9085 15-15 ½” Deluxe Endurance, Black Endurance, Medium oil, Round skirt, Large cinch D rings 1260.00

9075 16-16 ½” Basic Trail Rider, Chocolate Suede, Medium oil, #19 Leather horn, Large cinch d Rings, Round skirt 1040.00

9086 16-16 ½” Basic Trail Rider, Black Endurance, Medium oil, #18 Leather horn, Round skirt, Medium oil, Large cinch d rings 1115.00

EFFECTIVE 1/21/2015
If a customer chooses to cancel an instock that is in the process of being built there will be a 25.00 restocking fee. No exceptions.

Remember any of the saddle’s seat sizes can possibly be changed. Call for specifics. No sale is final until order is confirmed with Sports Saddle, Inc.

SADDLES BY PRIVATE OWNERS - (click the pic to see a larger view)

All the items listed are original Bob Marshall Sports Saddle®. If no photos of these saddles appear with the item, your can reference the Photo Gallery on www.SportSaddle.com for similar models.

The trial period and refund policy on an "In-stock Saddle" will vary depending on the particular saddle being purchased. Ask about the trial period and refund policy on your particular selection.

For pictures, go to the appropriate saddle's section (Endurance, Trail Rider etc..) on our website for an idea of what the standard models look like.

None of the prices include shipping.

A note about the barrel saddles: The main difference, other than price of course, between the FBR and the DBR is the amount of silver on the saddle. The FBR has silver corner plates, a silver laced cantle and a hoof pick pocket. The FBR and the DBR have three sets of silver conchos. Some of the DBS are border tooled which means the pommel and cantle are all tooled and the border area of the front and rear skirting are tooled. Go to the barrel gallery and see picture #5 and #9 for examples of border tooled saddles.

Allison Ray Riggings means that the stirrups are set about one inch more forward than the standard placement of the barrel racer saddles.

Youth Cut means that the saddle skirting is shorter from side to side. Normally the regualr cut SS is about 26" across the seat from the skirting's edge to the skirting's edge on the other side to just where the knee flap ties in. The Youth Cut is about 21" across. This keeps the saddle sized proportionately for people 5'3" or under. It does not affect the length of the saddle from front to back.

Seat Colors: The ads usually begin like this, 15" DBR, toast, #18 L/H... The toast is referring to the color of the suede seat. The DTR, FBR and DBR all have suede seats and are usually black, toast, chocolate but some are wonderful bright colors such as red, blue, purple, torquiose etc...

Fenders and other accessories: If saddles in stock have fenders and you do not want them that is no problem. They can be removed and the price will be changed accordingly. Tooled fenders except for floral ones are 90.00 and plain are 60.00. If a saddle does not have fenders and you want a pair it can be added to the saddle, but it will take an extra week to make a pair. Likewise, breast collars and rear cinches can be added to the saddle or removed with an adjustment of cost ... you get the idea.

The saddles shown below are SOLD, but remain as examples of what a client's saddle might look like if posted here for sale.




Relaxed fit resulting in a more comfortable ride!