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Accredited financing is now available on all Sports Saddle® purchases.

Bob Marshall Genuine Sports Saddle®

Contact me to enjoy the best personalized assistance for creating your next beautiful Bob Marshall saddle – GERRI RINI 614 837-7299, or email me at gerri@ridetreeless.com.

Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Be Thrilled With Your Original Bob Marshall Sports Saddle ®.

#1. Your horse will be calmer, more relaxed, quicker to respond, and, freer to move about and flex.

#2. Your horse will respond better to your leg and body movements.

#3. You will be more comfortable and secure, better balanced, and connected to your horse safely and more securely.

#4. Many of the riding problems you have now will dissolve, and your enjoyment of the sport will improve.

#5. Associated costs, such as, veterinarian expenses, buying extra saddles and equipment, and frustration will reduce.


Hand-Crafted in Kentucky, USA

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