People often want to customize their saddle. Whatever is on one of the other models can usually be built on to any other model. This puts the personal touch in it. 

The mini-slide bar rigging which is standard on the Wrangler saddles can be added to any saddle for 45.00. This is great for short legged riders who want more swing in their stirrups but is also a great choice for any trail rider! Go to the Wrangler page to see it.

Silver or copper spots 125.00 or buck stitching 125.00, see our Facebook page for good examples of both.

Leather seats on the saddles $85. The Wrangler saddle can come with the leather seat at no extra charge.

Ordering a different pommel or cantle on a saddle. For example a trail saddle, normally with a 4″ cantle, can be ordered with the 5″ cantle or even the 3″ one.

An endurance saddle with a 3″ cantle can be ordered with a 4 or 5 inch one. 

Colored seats such as red, blue or purple suede are extra. See the photo gallery for some great ideas.

Faux leather such as elephant or crocodile are available for an extra charge.